The Lady Diana charity and tartan

Published: 08th December 2009
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The Diana Memorial Tartan was developed in response to the public outpouring of emotion at the time of Princess Diana's death.

In the week after her death the government established a Memorial Committee, chaired by, the then chancellor, Gordon Brown. A committee was established to ensure that public generosity was used in the best way to benefit causes. The thinking behind the fund was to tap into 'new money' rather than taking resources from existing charities.

A range of items were produced in Diana's memory with all profits going to the memorial fund. So far £The licencing of Diana products has raised over 35m to date. The Daiana tartan was used to make kilts as well as tartan accessories including scarves, tammy sets, ties.

The Princess Diana tartan was designed by Lochcarron of Scotland who received official approval to produce the tartan. The design uses the Royal Stewart tartan as a base with colours chosen to symbolise elements of Diana's life.

One of the aims of the charity, which has the support of Prince William and Prince Harry, was to continue the work that princess Diana had done, focusing on unpopular or overlooked causes such as support for prisoners' families and homeless gay and bisexual teenagers.

The fund has also expanded on her anti-landmine campaign to cover a ban on cluster bombs, and is giving millions to help people in Africa with cancer and Aids, in the UK the fund supports young refugees and asylum seekers and children with learning disabilities. So far the fund has raised over £So far over £115 million has been raised in Diana's memory.

The amazing work of young people in working to improve their communities is recognised by the Diana award.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Diana Award which sees young people recognised for being an inspiration, and there are now three categories to recognise particular achievements -

The first is for 12-18 year olds who make a sustained, selfless contribution to their community, and who demonstrate exceptional personal qualities. These young people receive the main Diana Award.

The second category is for groups of 12-18 year olds who have worked together to make their communities a better place to be, these groups qualify for the Diana Certificate of Excellence. The Third category is for individuals and groups between the ages of 5-18 who have helped reduce bullying in their communities or school, these people are eligible to receive the Diana Anti-Bullying Award.


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